Payment policy


Payment Policy


1. You can make payment for any purchase of our products or services offered on the website via Online Transfer through our Payment Gateway Service Provider.


2. We are also providing payment options like Cash Collection Facility (Currently in Delhi/ NCR Region), Cheque Deposit or wire transfer in our Bank Account and sending Demand Draft at our office. This facility is limited to certain cities only.


3. The user while opting any of the payment method mentioned on the website is solely responsible for any liability and loss or damage incurred arising due to using the payment channel. This can be due to:- Transaction Declined by the Bank, Debit Card or Credit Card used while making payment due to insufficient balance or exceeding any limit for the transaction to be made, Decline of Debit or Credit card due to card expiry or for any other reason which is known to you or your card issuer bank and Decline of transaction due to any other reason.


4. Any payment made by the user for any of the purchases should be in Indian Rupees only and should be received by us by the due date mentioned. The user who is opting for Cash Collection, Cheque Deposit in our bank account or sending us the Demand Draft should make a note of the due date.


5. You are requested to cross check the transaction made by you for a particular purchase. If you pay multiple times for a single purchase, we advice you to contact us immediately, as we charge only once for a purchase/ product.


6. Payment once made is not refundable in any circumstances


7. take utmost care for the services/ products offered to its users. If we found that a user is suspicious or can misuse the services and create problems in any event, we will forfeit the payment you have already made.


8. Exceptions, if any, are at the sole discretion of


Pricing Policy


1. Our prices for the services or products offered are pre-decided and are shown on our website. There is a One Time Fee of Rs. 450/- + Applicable Taxes for attempting the MYTAT Employability Test. Once you clear the MYTAT Employability test, you may attempt the required technical tests/ challenges which are associated with the jobs AT NO EXTRA COST.


2. If you make a payment that does not match with price listed on our website, then you may not be able to take the test/ challenge as listed on our website. Therefore we advise you to check the Test Fee on our website only before proceeding further.

* This eventually will not happen as user is not able to change the price while making payment.


3. However in any case if some error is there on our website regarding fees, we will refund the whole amount paid by you.