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Healthians.com is India’s largest health test @ home service, creating a new benchmark for very high quality and honest prices. Healthians employs state of art 46 touchpoints technology for assuring quality collection and testing across its tightly controlled network of labs and hundreds of full-time phlebotomists. Coolsure ™ and Blackcode technology ensure sample transportation in an environment proof way- safe from heat, sunlight, contamination and human error. Smartprick ™ technology ensures minimum pain by precision laser guided blood collection.

Key Skills: PHP, MYSQL
Expire Date: Ongoing
Experience Required: 2 to 6 Year


Good coding skills in PHP Code Ignitor and Laravel
API based development
Good MySQL Database knowledge
PHP experience of 2-6 years
Willing to put additional efforts to complete challenging tasks
Working with development team and senior Developer to execute web project.
Writing thorough documentation to use and update the website.
Updating and entering content into new and existing websites
Applying knowledge of industry trends and developments as well as natural curiosity to improve service for our customers.



6 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs Per annum




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