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LimeTray helps restaurants run better. We help restaurants get online, help them engage with customers and help them optimise their operations through suite of products. 6 out of 10 restaurants shut down in less than a year of starting up & this is not because they serve bad food or are expensive but because they are just not run in best possible way and that's what we are trying to change - one restaurant at a time.

Key Skills: PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript
Expire Date: Ongoing
Experience Required: 0 to 2 Year


Skill Set:

Software engineers with minimum 1 year of experience with strong analytical skills
Understanding of SQL/NoSQL Databases. You would be going through huge datasets to solve for the unseen anomalies.
Hands on experience in at least one scripting language. Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java, etc. We are very serious about automating every test case we find.
Proven experience in API testing and Automation.
Good experience in UI Automation frameworks like Selenium.
Good Analytical perspective to design Test Scenarios with maximum functional coverage.

Good to have:

Knowledge of Code repositories like Git.
Familiarity with Build Management platforms like Jenkins.
Experience in Mobile Application testing and Automation using Appium (Android and iOS).
Experience in testing systems built on Service-Oriented Architecture.
Hands-on experience in open source performance testing tools like JMeter



3 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs Per annum




Companies Which Require Same Skills Set

PHP Developer @Digicorp Information Systems
1 to 3 years
Software Engineer @R2s Consulting
0 to 0 years
Software Engineer @Minerva Online Education
0 to 4 years
PHP Web Developer @Eminenture
0 to 3 years
Senior Software Engineer @ Medinfi Healthcare
0 to 5 years
Web Developer @Outsourcing Technologies
0 to 3 years
PHP Developer @Unlearn Kids
0 to 6 years
Web Developer @SciTech Patent Art
0 to 3 years
PHP Developer @Raga Designers
1 to 3 years
Dot Net Developer @XECOM Information Technologies
1 to 3 years
ASP.NET Developer @
0 to 5 years
PHP Developer / Senior Software Engineer @Evolvus Solutions
0 to 7 years
Ionic Developer @Eeshana Solutions
0 to 2 years
PHP Developer @V Find Business Infotech
0 to 6 years
PHP Developer @Kanak Drishti Infotech
0 to 3 years
PHP Developer @Zone Tech Solutions
0 to 2 years
PHP & HTML Developer @Genext Students
0 to 3 years
PHP Developer @ReachLocal, Inc
0 to 6 years
PHP Developer @Honeycomb Creative Support
0 to 3 years
Sr. Software Developer - PHP @Akal Information Systems
0 to 5 years
Senior PHP Developer @VNS Finance Capital Services
0 to 3 years
Software Engineer @CADD Centre Training Services
0 to 3 years
Software Specialist @eClinicalWorks
0 to 4 years
Full Stack PHP Developer @UnlearnKids
2 to 3 years
Software Engineer @AGC Networks Limited
0 to 3 years
Sr Software Developer- PHP @Healthians.com
2 to 6 years
Engineering Lead- PHP @Snyxius Technologies
4 to 8 years
Server side Developer @Diagnal Technologies
3 to 6 years
Front-end Web Developer @Diagnal Technologies
3 to 6 years