What is Mytat?

Mytat is a platform for developers and professional to show case their professional skills and get certified on them.


What is Mytat Certificate/s?

Mytat certificates are industry regcognized certificates and are a measure of distinction that employers use to evaluate prospective employees. Join thousands of professionals who have received mytat certifications and have benefited from it


What are the benefits of Mytat Certificates?

Mytat certifications can greatly boost your employment and career prospects as they are widely acknowledged as a quality means of assessing an individual's knowledge in a particular skill area. These certifications are prepared by thorough professionals with several years of experience in their technical domains. The questions are put through several rounds of analysis by our expert teams to help build well-balanced, comprehensive and meaningful tests. This is one of the reasons that Mytat certified professionals are doing far better than their counterparts who have not or could not achieve certification.


Who should take Mytat certifications?

If you would like to give your resume and career prospects a cutting edge in the competitive job market, Mytat certification is just the thing for you. Mytat certification will benefit you in the following ways:


  • You need to give your resume that most wanted punch, which can help land you a dream job.

  • You want to show the world that your skill level is at par with the best.

  • You would like to have your knowledge certified in a skill for which there is no other certification system available.

  • You would like to approach job interviews with added confidence by presenting your hard copy Mytat certificate of accomplishment to your prospective employer.


What is Mytat Test?

Mytat Certifications can be earned by taking the skill specific Mytat online test. The tests have a timed, multiple-choice format and can be taken from any computer with an Internet connection and a working webcamera.Each test is protracted and the test taker is not allowed to change the tab or open new applications while giving the test.


What kind of format do the tests follow?


The general format of the tests is given below:

  • Nature of Tests: Multiple-choice questions with one or more correct answers

  • Duration: 15 mins to 50 mins

  • Number of questions: 10 to 40

  • Negative marking: No negative marking for wrong answers

  • Question weightage: All questions carry equal marks

  • Navigation: You can go back and answer unanswered questions

  • Answer review: You can review the questions at the end of the test by going back and altering your answers

  • Pictures: Some tests may require you to answer a question based upon a graphic image

  • Some tests may follow a completely different format from this. Make sure you read the test details carefully by clicking on the test name from the list of tests.


What is the syllabus of each test?

You can view the topics covered in the test by clicking on the test name from the list of tests. You will be guided to the test details page which contains the syllabus.


Can I see the answers to the questions after completing my test?

The answers to the questions are not displayed. This has been done in order to maintain the secrecy of our questions bank.


What are the passing marks for each test?

Mytat test is based on grading system.There is no pass or fail in the test


How much does a test cost?

All assessments on Mytat.in are aboslutely free. You can appear on as many assessments you want


What is the test re-take fee?

Once given the test can't be taken again


What do I do if I get disconnected from the Internet while appearing for a test?

Candidates can reappear for the certification any number of time .If your internet connection stopped then you can reappear for the certification any time later


What are the browser requirements for taking a test?

You can take a test on Internet Explorer 5 or above/Netscape 6 or above. Recent versions of most other browsers are also supported. You must have cookies, JavaScript, pictures and popup windows enabled on your browser.


I forgot my username/password; what should I do?

Click the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page. You will be guided on how to retrieve your username/password.


Do Companies require additional tests?

Some of the companies would require additional tests. These test could be coding challenges or MCQ based tests . Candidates do not have pay anything to appear for these tests


I have attached the certifications required by the recruiter/s but still I have not received any interview call/s

The higher you score in your certification/s the better chances of getting the interview call/s. Mytat adds more than 100s of Jobs every week to make sure that successful candidates can achieve the maximum from the website